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Someone said adulthood is where dreams go to die. That may be true in many cases but I believe each of us has the potential to discover and live the dreams we were created and purposed for. The apostle Paul said in Philippians 3 he had not yet attained the goal he was apprehended for. Do you know that God saves us with a purpose in mind? God has made plans for us and placed desires in each one of us to fulfill those plans. I believe if we could really know what our own deepest desires are, they would be exactly what God has planned for us. Making the connection is the key. The way we make that connection is no secret. Jesus, who suffered and died in order to connect us with Him, will also connect us with our destiny.

The journey begins now! Our destiny is out ahead of us! If we are to find it, we must move. Let’s begin to move together this week at The Net as we see that our dreams really can come true. Don’t miss it. It could be the connection point to your dreams!
This week is going to be amazing! Jeff Cummings, from the blues band King Bee, will be here in person to play harmonica and sing. He is an exceptional musician and renown in the blues genre for his style and playing ability. We will devote a little more time to music this week in order to take advantage of the opportunity to have him with us. Jeff and I grew up together playing music so it’s like a family reunion for us. Come early so you don’t miss the opening song! It’s a doozy!

The message this week is called “One More Mile”! Have you ever considered what incredible things we miss out on by only taking half the journey with those who need us? Have you ever considered that the journey is as much, if not more, for us than it is for the ones we walk with? Jesus said it’s more blessed to give than receive so why wouldn’t it be His aim to bless us more than the ones we bless?

I can’t wait to share this great news with you Sunday. I’ll see you then! Huntsville Junior High School at 10:30am.
Are you worried? Specifically, are you worried about the everyday issues of life? Do you spend time and energy trying to discern the future and what it might bring? Does that type of fear and anxiety of the unknown keep you up at night? You were not designed for that! So, in the words of Bob Newhart, “Stop it”. Google the video.

Ok, Jesus was a little more tactful than Bob but He’s pretty much saying the same thing. What may surprise you is exactly what Jesus meant when He said, “take no thought” of these things.

Lynnae and I will be sharing the message together this week. Come be with us and let’s all say GOODBYE to worry! Remember to be generous and invite someone to come and experience God with you at The Net!

We love you and would love a chance to pray for you. Please email me with any prayer requests and your requests are always confidential.
Generosity is the byproduct of a healthy heart and God has purposed that we all have healthy hearts. It may surprise you to find out that this lifestyle is so much more than just the willingness to give our money but it is the very grace of God alive and at work in us. It’s ironic that the type of generosity that Jesus spoke of doesn’t leave us empty but actually fills us up. Psalm 23 verse 1 says, “I lack nothing”; verse 3 says, “He refreshes my soul”; verse 5 says, “my cup overflows”. This is what happens to us when we are led by our Shepherd, Jesus.

Come see what it’s all about this Sunday, 10:30 am, at Huntsville Junior High School. I hope to see you there!
What would it be worth to have an extraordinary life full of wisdom and God’s blessing? Some have said that our success in life or failure is due to the sum total of the decisions we make. I think there is a lot of truth in that statement. The great news for believers in Christ is that God has chosen to give us His incredible wisdom. James, the brother of Jesus says that God gives it “generously” to all who ask. God is generous and He has given us so much wisdom through the scriptures. It is our choice whether we follow that wisdom or not.

We saw last week that we were created for a purpose and we have the power to live beyond what we think we are capable of. This week, we will be talking about the power of living a life of wisdom! Most of us have only scratched the surface of God’s plan for us.

Join us this week as we go deeper!
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