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Purpose Groups are our answer for adults looking to come together based on a common goal. If you have a desire to start or be a part of a purpose group based on a need or a passion, please contact us through the form below. We'd love to hear from you.

Our Current Groups:

Caregivers Group
This group is led by Sandy Pickett and cares for the sick. There are many ways that you can serve within this group from preparing meals to praying for those with a health concern.

Prayer Group
This group is led by Steve and Pamela Miller. They meet directly after each service to pray for prayer requests and also for church wide needs.

Harris Home Group
This group is led by Lynnae Hall and ministers to the needs of this local orphanage for boys.

Help for the Homeless Group
This group is led Amanda Medley and they minister to the needs of the homeless. There are actually many homeless people who gather not far from our new location and will be in need of many things as winter approaches.

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