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Most of us run from or at least shy away from conflict. But, conflict is an opportunity to remove an obstacle in your relationship. I used to hate conflict before I became a Christian, but once I was introduced to Jesus who said of himself, “I am the way, the truth and the life” everything changed. Whenever conflict arose in a relationship, I wanted to find a way to overcome the impasse. I wanted to pursue the truth about the situation. And I wanted God to breath His life into the relationship. I found that God always had a path beyond the problem if both parties were willing and that the friendship will be stronger for having conquered the disagreement. Conflict is an opportunity.

There is no telling what great things God has in store for you just beyond a difficult conversation or an uncomfortable confrontation. He wants to bring His way and His truth and His life into all of our relationships. This Sunday, we will talk about the key to solving these situations God’s way. You'll find that with Jesus, we can disarm the enemy who seeks to destroy every relationship. Our Savior has a way that will put us at ease and bring peace to our chaos.
How many people do you really trust? Are there people in your own family that you distrust? That can be especially though to deal with. And there are certain levels of trust. You might trust someone to watch your car keys while you step away for a moment but you wouldn’t necessarily trust them to watch your children. I believe that, like respect, trust is earned. We might say that we respect everyone but do we really? We can certainly treat everyone with dignity and respect but that doesn’t mean that in our heart of hearts, that we really respect everyone. Trust is the same way. We want to trust everyone but we really only trust those who have proven themselves over time.

This week’s message is about trust between friends and family. I would venture to guess that most all of us have some type of trust issue with a family member. Maybe a family member has an issue with you. With the holidays coming up, it might be nice to hear what God says about being trustworthy. It could come in handy this Thanksgiving around the dinner table or the Christmas get together that is soon to follow. I hope that this isn’t an elephant in your family room but if it is, God knows what to do.
First, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who contributed to the gift Lynnae and I received last Sunday! You are so generous and we are so blessed to serve you. We truly love and appreciate each one of you! You’re the best!

This week we begin a new series on the family called “Elephant In The Family Room! It actually will apply to all types of relationships. Sunday, we will focus on communication.

Everyone knows, Christian and unbeliever alike, that communication is the key to a great relationship. It can also be the reason a relationship falls apart. I’m not a psychologist and I will not attempt to council you on good communication skills. Instead, this Sunday, we will look at what the Bible says about communication. We will hear what the designer of all things says about the way we should talk and interact with each other!

God has written the owners manual for relationships. He knows and has revealed to us through scripture how to have healthy interaction with each other. The foundation is communication. He wants to change our dysfunctional ways. But, He doesn’t just want to change what comes out of our mouth. He wants to change the heart. He wants to transform the source of our communication. Our perspective will surely change when we see God’s motivation and His hope for us all.
The first time Jesus helped Peter catch fish, the net broke! There were too many fish, too much weight, too much stress for the net to hold. The boat began to sink. Others came to help but the net could not hold. The last time Jesus helped Peter catch fish, the net was strong! It was able to endure the weight and the stress and still hold. Jesus already had fish cooked and waiting for his friends early that morning but he said to Peter, “Bring some of the fish you have just caught”. Peter was able to drag the net to shore full of fish and big ones too, 153 to be exact.

Do you know that you are a big fish! And you are worthy to be counted, not because of who you are but because of whose you are. He adores you and thinks about you with more precious thoughts than you can imagine. He wants to make us all part of His network of "people catchers" that He calls His church. To become part of this amazing network, we only have to have one thing in common. We must know Him. It sounds too simple but it’s true. When you meet another person who knows Jesus, there is an immediate connection. That connection cannot be broken. That’s what makes God’s net so strong.

The Apostle Paul said, “I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.” (Philippians 3:10) To truly know Him, you must know Him like this. I’m sorry if someone has told you there is another way but there is not. We must follow Him to know Him. We must carry our cross as He carried His. We must be able to agree with His will. I know it sounds harsh but that’s what Jesus told us. And the most incredible thing is that it’s all worth it and then some! Did you catch the first thing Paul said? “The Power of His Resurrection”! It’s the greatest power in the world! It is so powerful that when resurrected brothers and sisters in Christ come together, they form a net that cannot be broken!

Our focus this week is the power that holds us together. If you don’t have a place to worship, we would love for you to come and join us this Sunday for one hour at 10:30am, 2620 Clinton Ave., Campus 805. See you there!
Ok, that’s an Elton John song and I love Elton John songs. But, has anyone ever saved your life? If you’ve ever had someone step in and pull you back from the brink, you’ll experience this message in a very deep and meaningful way.

Heroes come in all sizes, shapes, and ages, but they all have one thing in common, they care. They care enough to do something. They give their time, money, energy and attention to help a victim who can’t help themselves. I know what it’s like to be saved. It’s very humbling to receive priceless help that cannot begin to be repaid. It leaves you grasping for words to express your gratitude. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to cover it. But usually, that’s all you have to offer in return.

God has a covert group of exceptional people with super-human skills stationed around the planet. On one prompting from Him, they will spring into action at a moment’s notice. They are led by and empowered with God’s Holy Spirit, His infinite knowledge and power, to rescue those who have been captured or even enslaved by the enemy.

Do you need help? There is someone close to you who can help you. Are you in search of those who may need your help? There is someone not far away who needs you. This week’s message will help you no matter which side you find yourself on.
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