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Our new series is called “Highway” and we are moving ahead in February! God will make a highway in the desert! He will bring the mountains and hills down. He will raise the valleys up, make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth (Isaiah 40). Why would he do such a thing? Because He wants us to sprint into our destiny. He wants us to run unencumbered. He wants us to find out what He has planned for us at the next mile marker! But we cannot stay here! We’ll never know the richness that each mile brings unless we move.

In this series, we will challenge you to use spiritual muscles that you’ve never used before. We will challenge you to grow and get stronger with every step. At the same time, we will present new plans to take this church forward. The worship and the message are essential for every church. But for our church to reach its full potential, we must have infrastructure (the capacity to engage every person who walks through our doors) and outreach (ways for us to communicate and connect with the great city of Huntsville). So, great things are in the works.

We will begin the second phase of our Purpose Groups which is designed to promote friendship through fellowship. We will put student ministry in place with the goal of deeply impacting the lives of our teenagers. Once these new initiatives are in place we will begin an outreach campaign that will use various platforms to reach out to many thousands of people around our city. 

We are so excited about what that next mile will bring in your life and in the life of The Net! I want to encourage you to give God a chance to take you to the next level by showing up ready to move! See you Sunday!
One moment changes everything! It’s true! It’s the moment that we stand on the summit of our obstacle. You may have learned to live with your challenge and may think that conquering it is beyond possibility. However, not only is it possible but it's God’s plan!

Jesus made this statement about the church, “The gates of hell will not prevail against it”. We are a forward-moving, invincible force if we are truly acting in the power of God. The church should be led by and inhabited by Jesus Christ himself! And in order for that to happen, each of us must be filled with His spirit, power and will to overcome everything that stands between us and Him.

In the first week of our series “Summit Challenge”, we identified our mountain, the second week we learned to watch the lead climber (Jesus), last week we focused on our next move and this week we will experience what it is like to stand on the summit of our challenges. I want to help you and inspire you to do what the movers and shakers of the kingdom have done for centuries. I want you to stand on the summit! That moment will change everything!
Now is the time! What is your next move today? "This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."! (Psalm 118:24) The message this week is how to focus on your next move. It's a question that God is excited to answer. He is excited because your next move is toward a life with Him in it. It's a life that makes God happy!

This week, I will be giving you tons of suggestions, tips, and common sense approaches to crush the obstacles that stand between you and the beautiful life God is leading you into! So bring a pen and pad. There will be a lot of material, some great scriptures and a few short stories. I can't wait!

I don't say this enough but our band and worship leaders do such a great job every week! This week, we have a special surprise, so come and enjoy worship this week at The Net!
What is keeping you from the life Jesus promised? Is there an obstacle that you have learned to live with? Do you hate that thing? Well, God hates it more! He wants to crush it. It’s as much His enemy as it is yours!

For many of us, it’s like standing and looking up at a mountain. It’s an insurmountable object. Our hearts become like deserts. We have no sense of direction and no hope of finding our way. But Isaiah 40 says that God will make a highway even in the desert. He will raise up the valleys, bring down the hills and the mountains, make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth. It's a highway that we can run on!

This is our greatest series yet! It’s called “Summit Challenge”! In this series, we are going to invite God to crush every obstacle that stands between us and His divine destiny for us. You may not know how to begin to scale that mountain in front of you, but this week, we are going to learn how to watch the Lead Climber (Jesus) and follow Him to the Summit and on to our destiny!

Join us Sunday morning, 10:30am, 2620 Clinton Ave., The Stone Center at Campus 805. It’s going to be great! I’ll see you there!
We are so excited about Christmas Eve! We’ve been working on music for weeks and can’t wait to share it with all of you! Our theme this week is “Favorite Things” and the message specifically is about God’s favorite thing. Have you ever wondered what His favorite thing is? He has lot’s of favorite things but there is one thing in particular that He values above all and answer will be surprising! Don’t miss this service. I think it will be our best service yet! Same time and place as usual. See you there!
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