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Is there anything that you value enough to guard? I am very protective over my family, my friends and a few guitars. It’s my nature to guard. Lynnae always notices the way I unconsciously guard her and the boys when we are in a public situation that I’m not comfortable with. I put myself between them and any threat that I perceive. That’s what a guard does. It’s what our men and women in the armed services do. They stand between us and our enemies. Our first responders shield us from danger. These brave servants save, they rescue, they guard us above their own personal safety. You have to love and respect such honorable people. They inspire me!
We are blessed that we have so much worth guarding. What do you guard? What would you sacrifice yourself for? Where do you draw the line? Where are your boundaries that if crossed would send you into full attack mode? It’s something we should think about once in a while. 
This week, we are going to have a good time at The Net! We’ll talk about another amazing obscure character and the victory that is ours when we stand the ground that God has given us. We'll see what kind of supernatural power that is at our disposal when we refuse to let the enemy take an inch of what God has given us. 
Come spend an hour with us Sunday! It may be the best thing you do all week. Lives are being changed and God’s Kingdom is spreading from heart to heart. It’s a beautiful thing!
Are you religious about anything? I am. I have found that the only way I can know where my car keys, my glasses, my wallet, and my phone are, is to be religious about where I put them. I have habits that keep me on track. It really works? It is a mindless way of making sure I don’t lose my stuff. If I ever find myself deviating from the habits I have worked so hard to develop, I scold myself and make the effort to correct my deviation.

But I’m not religious about God. The only thing I’m religious about when it comes to God is saying yes to Him. I want that to be my cultivated response whenever I feel Him nudge me in a certain direction. I want to say yes to Him when no one is looking because He says yes to me when no one is looking. I’m so glad He says yes to me when no one is looking! I go to Him with sins and temptations that I deserve harsh discipline for and I ask for His mercy. He gives it so freely and quietly without accusation, without judgment. I sure do love Him for that and I want to be like Him in that way.

I don’t want to do mindless religious things that don’t mean anything. I don’t want to come to church, sing songs, or listen to a Bible story unless the powerful everlasting life of Jesus Christ is flowing into every moment. But I do want to religiously say yes to God without a second thought.

I love the feeling I get when I say yes to Him without argument. I did that today. Someone gave me something that I knew was coming and I was looking forward to it! I couldn’t wait to receive it! I was excited. As soon as I received it, God nudged me, “You see that guy over there? He needs this more than you do.” I could have ignored the nudge and no one but God would have known. But I didn’t and I’m so glad I didn’t. I gave it away and got something more wonderful in return. God’s pleasure with me over that simple deed was worth so much more! I felt it in my soul! And nobody would have ever known about it if it wasn’t significant to this week’s message.

Don’t miss our “Surprise Character” this week. It’s going to be great! Come be with us for one hour this Sunday morning! You’ll be glad you came, not because I’ll be there, but because God will be there!
What are you afraid of? What is it that takes your breath, that sends shivers down your spine, the nightmare that wakes you up in a cold sweat? I hope nothing comes to mind when you read this. If that’s the case for you, then what a blessing! But, I know that for many, something frightening comes to mind. You may be so bound by fear; you can’t even bring yourself to say what it is. If this describes you, then you’re not alone.
Over the past two weeks, I’ve experienced an unusually high level of fear myself. Then I began to read about our obscure character for this week and realized that God’s love for me is as strong as ever! When I gave my heart and soul to Jesus, He took possession of my problems as well. My burdens are His burdens! My trials are His trials and His victory is my victory! In my life, He has made a way where there was no way so many times, that I depend on that part of His character. And He is faithful! I believe in Him and I trust Him. 
I can’t wait to tell the amazing story of the first character in our new “Hidden Figures” series. If you’re in town but tempted to stay home because of the holiday, come spend one hour with us. It could change your life.
Is there anything better than a great friend? Some would say family, of course. Once, my dad asked me who my best friend was. I replied with the name of someone whose name I no longer remember. My Dad said, “He’s not your best friend, I am”. He was right. A friend whether in the family or outside the family is like gold. One of my mentors once told me that at the end of your life, if you can say that you had two or three true friends, then you are a blessed person. 
We throw the word “friend" around like we do the word “love". We love pizza, we love ice-cream, we love running, we love the weather, etc. The word friend is the same. We call a hundred people our friends but no one has that many. A true friend is someone who loves you without conditions. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.” Do you have a friend who would lay their life down for you? Is there anyone you would lay your life down for? 
If you are reading this and are thinking you need more true friendships, then try this. Start being a friend to others. Put yourself aside and put others first. A little sacrifice in this area will go a long way! Ask God what you can do today for someone else. If you’re looking, He will place opportunities in your path. This is my favorite. Look for honest ways you can compliment and encourage the person you are talking to. Not flattery which is dishonest and fake. An honest compliment is real, it’s true and comes from the heart. That kind of encouragement builds appreciation and trust. 
Be a faithful, trusted friend to others and you’ll find yourself with a treasure of true friends. 
Friendship is our topic this Sunday! Join us at 10:30 am, 2620 Clinton Ave., The Stone Center, Campus 805.
We are Creators. God created us in His image and like Him, we have the power to create! We can create amazing things by using our hands to copy our imagination. We make tangible things like paintings or sculptures that are beautiful to look at. Some of us have been blessed with the ability to write words or music that bless all those who hear them. We make plans. We build buildings and businesses. We dream incredible dreams and then we make them a reality.

It is our nature to create. When The Creator makes you in His image, you are a creator. Maybe you haven’t noticed but you are creating something every day. God spoke it and it was. We do the same thing. We speak and things happen! We have the power to bless or curse. Our words bring life or death. The breath (Spirit) behind what we say determines whether things around us thrive in our presence or wither and die. I have the privilege of living with people who bless me with their words. My wife and children are constantly speaking words that help me, make me strong, make me healthy and fill me with joy. I’m extremely blessed!

Each week when I look around at the people who have found their home at The Net, I’m always impressed by the strength of our fellowship. We are a family of Christ Followers. We love each other and truly care about one another. I listen to the conversations on Sunday before and after Worship and I hear love and kindness being spoken, I hear prayers being prayed and I see the love of Christ creating a beautiful, living, functioning body of believers. We are creators!

God says there is power in what you say! That’s our focus this week.
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