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Jesus was different! What an understatement! He was the most unique human the world had ever seen! He was flesh and blood on the outside but on the inside dwelled the very person of God. God’s Holy Spirit makes all the difference! It made Jesus different from every man who had come before Him and that same Spirit of God makes us different. We may look like ordinary humans on the outside but we don’t act ordinary. We don’t think ordinary thoughts. We are filled with the extraordinary ability to stand for what is good and just and honorable without malice in our hearts for those who would do us harm for such a stand. We have the courage to lay ourselves on the line for what we believe.

Lisa Whelchel, our special guest this week is different. As a young actress in Hollywood, she had the courage to lay her career on the line for what she believed. Instead of being influenced by the television industry, she used her position to influence television for the good of young impressionable women who were intently watching her character’s every move. What a beautiful thing to see God at work in the most unusual places. That was His plan for Lisa and it’s His plan for you.

Join us this week for a very special time with Lisa. Sunday, 10:30am, 2620 Clinton Ave., The Stone Center, Campus 805.
We should be so full of grace and truth that every generation would be attracted to us. But they are not! For the most part, Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1976 are leaving the church. Millennials, born between 1977 and 1995 who were once engaged are leaving or have never been interested. Those born after 1995 are not even considering being a part of our faith. Could it be that the overwhelming beauty of the God’s grace, love, forgiveness, and truth is not being poured out of us to a world that is absolutely desperate for it? Could it be that the church has become an institution of learning rather than a living breathing organism with the cleansing blood of Christ pulsing through its veins?

I think the question that I have is not “What has happened to the church?" but rather “Where is the church?” Where are those who live and breathe Christ? Are we going to be content with learning more about the Bible and checking boxes on Sunday? Or are we going to listen intently with ears that hear the voice of our Shepherd and follow Him into the green pastures, beside still waters, and if need be, through the valley of the shadow of death without fear? I believe that is a church that every generation would not only find attractive but also as inescapable as our need for air and water and food.

David Thomson is one dynamic dude! Our conversation last week was explosive. He is an expert on generations and you will be amazed at the wisdom that could only come from God. Don’t miss this week! Our friend Bill Schmelling will be back for a visit and will be playing in the band. I have some special songs picked out especially for Bill. It’s going to be a great week!

Join us Sunday morning, 10:30, 2620 Clinton Ave., The Stone Event Center, Campus 805. See you there!!
Ray is a prodigy! Could it be that you are also a prodigy? Ray's gift is to bring out the prodigy in others. He has a way of listening to a person and identifying their God-given strengths and the exciting plans God has purposed for them. He is an encourager and has an ability to bring out the best in others.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is the access code to the prodigy in you. You’ve probably never even imagined the things that God has imagined for you. And you can access these gifts and hidden abilities when you connect with the one who created you! He can give you the “Desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). He can unlock His greatness in you! Are you ready for your life to be changed? Are you prepared to leave mediocre behind? Are you willing to take hold of that thing for which God has taken hold of you? (Philippians 3:12) It can happen! It’s supposed to happen.

Join us this Sunday morning at 10:30 am for a life-altering, course correcting and purpose finding mission.
Come and join us this Sunday, at The Net to hear Jasmine Murray talk about her personal experience with "Fear and Anxiety." Jasmine was a finalist on "American Idol." Miss Mississippi title. Top 10 Miss America.

More about Jasmine...

Before the age of 22, Jasmine Murray had curated quite a resume. By anyone’s standards, she made it to the top. But the bright lights of success can cast a long, dark shadow. For Jasmine, that shadow hid anxiety that became difficult at times. In the dark, fear whispered she was not good enough. But with a supportive family, a divine songwriting appointment and help from God, she began pushing back and using her platform to show others they are not alone.

“We all have chinks in our armor,” says Jasmine. “Some are clearly seen from the outside. Mine were on the inside; I secretly battled fear and anxiety. I know it looks like I had it all together, but I didn’t.

Best known for her powerhouse vocals as a finalist in season eight of “American Idol,” Jasmine has worked hard to overcome and achieve so much at a young age. Named Miss Mississippi and placing in the top 10 in Miss America 2015, she paid for college entirely with her contest earnings. Now she’s inspiring audiences with a fresh pop sound and a profound message of hope as an artist and songwriter with Fair Trade Services.

Now at age 25, Jasmine’s experience contributes to the wisdom and poise she carries. She’s on a mission, and she’s just getting started. “I feel like I’m on a journey, and it’s a privilege to be able to share that with people,” she says. “I know this is my purpose. I’m where I’m supposed to be. I want to reach people with the message God’s given me."
Except for the Bible, the best book I've ever read is a little book called "The Greatest Thing In The World" by Henry Drummond. It's definitely worth a trip to Amazon. It's a book about 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. It's often called the "Love Chapter." It's Paul's definition of love. I have heard more sermons on this Chapter than I could possibly count but I've never heard anyone with a grasp and understanding of the heart of God on this subject like Henry Drummond. 
I thought I understood love before I read it. No, I didn't. My eyes were opened as if God himself had pulled up a chair and said, "Let me tell you about the greatest thing in the world". As I read this little book, page after page spoke volumes to me about why God has narrowed all the commandments down to one word, "Love". John said, He is Love! There is no law against love. You will never make a mistake by loving. It will never send you in the wrong direction. It is the North Star for our souls. If we ever find ourselves lost in the wilderness, all we need to do is look up. Love is sure to point the way. 
We decided a few weeks ago, to make this week a standalone message between our "NetFlix" series and the next one called "FaceTime." Sounds like we are ripping off names for our message series lately. We are. I would love to do a whole series on this little book but you do what God leads you to.  And I believe He would speak to us this week through Henry Drummond about love. So, I will follow His lead. I promise you will not be disappointed. Drummond speaks about love in a way you will not forget. You will walk away thinking, I've never seen love in this light before. 
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