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How do you let your burdens go? How can you break free from the sins and unhealthy habits that are holding you back in life? How can you begin to get the most out of every day? The words of Christ and His apostles are liberating and life- giving. He wants us to break free. He wants us to run the race in joy and freedom! If we follow the master - the one who has conquered death, hell, and the grave, we will find the answers.

I believe God has given me some very encouraging words for you this week! Come and join us at The Net for worship and a way forward out of the rut of distraction, depression and destruction. 10:30 at the Stone Event Center located at Campus 805, 2620 Clinton Ave.
Do you know your next step? Do you wonder if there is a next step for you? No matter what possible situation you find yourself in at the moment, God has a way forward for you! It’s amazing how willing He is to reveal it, once we are willing to take that next step with Him. He is ready, are you? I had a person ask me to pray for them this week because they had made some mistakes and were worried that maybe God had forgotten about them.

God doesn’t forget about us. It’s not even a possibility. He has invested so much in us that not even the slightest turn toward Him escapes His attention. His mission depends on you and people like you. The only condition He places on playing an important role in His kingdom is the ability to say yes to Him. Sometimes it’s a step or a leap of faith that propels us forward. Are you willing to take that leap?

Why not start this Sunday by making a commitment to yourself and to God that you will show up - and you will take the next step no matter what He calls you to do! Lynnae and I will be there with you to pray for you and to help you because we have already taken that leap ourselves. Most of you will be back from Fall Break and I know you will be tired. We will be too. But let’s make a point to gather and worship together and take the next step with Jesus.
To stand or to kneel - That is the question that the country is asking. I wonder what Jesus would say to all this. I think God has already spoken. I won’t give the message in this email because I want to give it in person this week at The Net!

Our new series begins this Sunday and is called “Game Plan!” The series idea although wrapped in a football theme is taken from Hebrews 12 in which the author uses the metaphor of a race to teach us God’s simple plan for our lives. God tells this story in a hundred different ways throughout scripture, but I love the way He tells it in the book of Hebrews. This week’s message title is “Forward Progress!” We need forward progress in our culture. We need it in Huntsville and you and I need forward progress in our own lives. If we follow Christ, we will make forward progress.

In this divisive culture that we live in, I only see one solution. There is only one way forward for Americans and only one way to bring unity to millions of people who are now separated by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Jesus is the answer! It may seem simplistic, but it is the truth. We need His powerful, unifying, and creative words to lead us Home. We need to come to the place where we all can sit at the same table and fulfill the vision that Jesus had when He said, “Everyone is welcome at my Father’s table.”

Join us this week at The Net where EVERYONE is welcome! 10:30, Stone Event Center located at Campus 805.
God makes invisible things visible! It was the very first thing He did when He began creation. He spoke and His invisible words became visible. He said, “let there be light” and there was light. By His words, He spoke the universe into existence. And then He made Himself visible to us in Jesus. In fact, the scripture says that Jesus was actually the one who created all things and He became flesh (visible). When God speaks, His words create something out of nothing. Could you use some of God’s creative words in your life?

There is an amazing thing that happens when we listen to God and act on what He says. We begin to bring the invisible words of God to life! When we read the words of Jesus from the Bible and do what they say, relationships are mended and broken hearts are made whole again. Wisdom becomes our guide and our lives and the lives of those around us are changed. Doing what God says is putting our faith to work! Hebrews 11 says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Our faith in God and what He says makes the invisible promises of God become visible.

Come join us this week and let’s begin together to make God’s dreams a reality! And by doing that we will find our own destiny. 10:30 at the Stone Center located at Campus 805

See you there!
Our “Can Do” series is about coming to the realization that we can do the things that God has planned for us. It could be difficult to imagine that God has amazing things for us to accomplish. It may be even more difficult to imagine that He envisions us as strong, faithful, and influential people who have His power working in us and through us for others. But it’s true! And if we find that path that He has laid out before us, our lives and the lives of many others will change and His love, grace, compassion, power and goodness will materialize. Things will change.

Don’t miss the excitement of this adventure. Come and join us for the ride of your life. We are a growing, diverse family of loving Jesus followers. We love everyone and all are welcome at The Net! Come and join us and bring a friend. We worship Sunday mornings at 10:30 at the Stone Center located on Campus 805. See you Sunday!
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