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Somehow things have gotten twisted in the church. Maybe it’s because the stages in our churches resemble the stages of entertainment in our culture. It could be that we’ve become so familiar with concerts and shows that are meant for our entertainment that we have come to expect the same type of entertainment when we come to church. We critique the performances of artists that we pay to put on a show for us and we also evaluate the performances that we see on our church stages. And it’s not just the attendees who are doing the evaluations. Those of us on the stage are gauging our performances by how well the crowd responded. Woe! Something’s wrong. 
What has happened to us? I say us because I’ve been engaged in this behavior for a long time. I started out thinking that we should give God our best and I still believe that. But, that idea has morphed into the idea that we have to please the people in the seats. We walk out of worship services and say incredible things like, “I didn’t care for the worship today.” Can you picture someone standing in the presence of God and saying, “Hey God, you know all that praise that was coming up to you today - the songs of adoration and gratitude for your sacrifice that paid the debt for all my sins, I didn’t enjoy it.” How did we become so arrogant? God, have mercy on us, please!
What happens when we gather to worship is not for you or for me. It’s for Him. One hundred million angels are at this moment worshiping at the throne of God and they know who the object of their affection is. They are not confused like we are. And when they address their God, they can truly say, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”.
Wouldn't you love to hear from God? It’s the most exciting part of my life. It doesn’t happen every day or even every week for me but it happens. And when it does happen, it’s thrilling! Most people I talk to about this subject say, "I don’t ever hear from God." They ask, "how can I hear from God?” There is an answer and we are going to talk about how to have a conversation with God this Sunday. 
If you can begin to incorporate not only talking to God daily but also hearing from Him on a regular basis, it will change your life forever. I didn’t really begin to know Jesus until I began to hear from him. He speaks the most profound and the most comforting things that you can imagine. You begin to think the way He thinks and you begin to understand His motivations. The appreciation for His heart changes you. You become more like Him. That’s what He wants and that’s why He speaks to us. 
The Wise Men brought gifts but what can you bring? What can we give a Savior who holds the universe in His hands? The answer is short and simple. Do you think you know the answer? We are receiving contributions now for our “Help Project” this season. We have decided to help the First Stop ministry to the homeless renovate their facility so that more people can be served. But money is not the answer. We have purpose groups that help people in various ways. You could join one of those groups and spend your precious resource of time to help others. But time isn’t the answer.

Do you know what the Creator of all things so desperately wants more than anything? It’s something that He cannot give to Himself. It’s something He does not own. It’s the most valuable thing in all of time and space and He doesn’t control it. He can heal the sick, calm a storm, walk on water, create food for thousands in front of your eyes and He can even raise the dead but one thing escapes His grasp. It breaks His heart more than we’ll ever be able to fathom. It’s the human soul. It’s you. He owns everything but you. He controls everything but you. He chose to give us our own selves with the great hope that we would give ourselves back to Him.

Imagine the Almighty on His throne with only one thing on His mind. You. Me. Everyone we know. Everybody we’ve ever seen and all those we haven’t. Those in need and those who have plenty. When we begin to understand the heart of a God so in love with humanity that he became one of us maybe we’ll know what to bring. He took every blemish, every stain and everything ugly thing that our free will has brought into this world and demolished it by nailing Himself to a cross. Wow. When I think about that, all I want to do is give myself back to my creator and say, “Here I am, remake me”. It doesn’t seem to be enough but it’s all He wants. Let God perform a miracle in your life. Give Him the chance. He will.
You are invited! No matter who you are, how much money you have, what color your skin is, what you’ve done, how you think or what you believe, you are invited. Jesus opens His arms to everyone and He calls us to do the same. You may say, if not out loud, aren’t there some who Jesus doesn’t want in His kingdom? Aren’t there some who are disqualified. That is a good question because the answer is such good news for all of us. As far as I know, the only way to be disqualified is to disqualify yourself by declining His invitation.

The Master told a story about a man who had prepared a banquet for his friends. He told his servants to go tell his guests that he was ready for them. They all made excuses and refused to come so the man commanded his servants to go out and invite the poor, the lame and the blind. His servants, knowing what kind of man he was, had already done so. Then he told them “Go out in the highways and hedges and compel them to come in so that my house may be full." Everyone is invited.

Jesus loved His disciples. He loved and ate with the Pharisees whom he vehemently disagreed with. He ate with tax collectors. He loved and accepted anyone who would come to Him. He was constantly saying “come to me”. “Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you rest”. (Matt 8:28) “Let the little children come to me” (Matt 19:14). He said to the rich young ruler, “Go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor and come follow me”. He said to the Pharisees, “You search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal live; and these are they which testify of me. But you are not willing to come to me that you may have life.”

Will you come? You are invited to worship with us this Sunday morning at 10:30am, 2620 Clinton Ave., Campus 805. Just follow the blue flags!

This Sunday, our missionary friends, Curtis and Devry Coghlan, will be with us! I can’t wait to see them and hear about what God is doing through their ministry! Don’t miss it! See you there!

- Rob
Everyone was surprised! Mary was surprised by the angel. Joseph was shocked and amazed to find that Mary’s incredible story was true. The Shepherds were stunned and afraid when light suddenly appeared around them and they were told the good news of Jesus’ birth. And even the wise men from the east must have been astonished to find the King whom they had traveled so far to see, lying in a feed trough.

It was a surprise party! But unlike our parties, it was the guests who were surprised. It was a celebration of the entrance of the King Of kings and Lord of lords into the world. There were only a select few who were invited that night but Jesus would eventually invite us all to this celebration.

Everywhere you look this season, you will see Christmas. Online, in the stores, on the streets, on television and in almost every home you will see the party happening. Even those who do not believe in Christ as we do, observe the day. Our culture is mostly secular and Christmas is about Santa and reindeer to many. But it's undeniable. Jesus birth has made its mark on the world. It’s right that we should all celebrate. Whether it’s for the true meaning of Christmas or not, most everyone observes the day. Jesus has invited you to the party!

If you’d like to celebrate, join us for this new message series called “Surprise Party” starting this Sunday at 10:30am, 2620 Clinton Ave. Campus 805, just follow the blue flags! Everyone is welcome! That’s the way Jesus wanted it to be.

Also, Point of Grace will be with us at The Net December 23rd at 5:00pm. We are the last stop on their Christmas Concert Tour. The concert is absolutely free but we will be receiving donations for the First Stop ministry to the homeless. It’s a great ministry and all donations will go toward renovating their facility. Mark your calendars now! See you there!
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