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You are strong! You may not realize it but you are strong! God made you strong. It’s probably not something that you think about very often. You may even consider yourself to be a weak person but there are things about you that are extraordinary!

When our oldest son Hampton was in elementary school, he was having problems doing his school work. He just didn’t enjoy the classroom setting. We were trying to find ways to encourage him to do his work. We were very concerned about his capacity to succeed in school but one day his math teacher called to tell us something extraordinary about Hampton. She explained that the class had a spacial reasoning exercise to do that took the rest of the class 45 minutes to do and took her 20 minutes to do but only took Hampton 5 minutes to do. It turns out that God created Hampton with a gift that none of us knew about until an opportunity uncovered it.

Last week, I revealed the purpose statement of The Net, “We worship God and help people”. As we truly worship God and help people, these opportunities will uncover strengths in us that God put there specifically to be used for His kingdom. “Inner Strength” is our theme this week. I'll see you there.
Vision is not mysterious. It’s probably the most practical thing you can think of. None of us would ever get anything done or do anything worthwhile without a vision. You have to have some idea of what the end will be or needs to be before you can even find purpose enough to start. A vision can be a goal or it can be a strategy for accomplishing a goal. At The Net, our vision is both the goal and the way of accomplishing the goal.  It’s a great vision that began as Isaiah uttered the prophetic words of Christ many years before Jesus was born. It’s the mission that God has given you and me.

You might think that who you are and what you do is not of much consequence but I can tell you that God has bigger plans for you than you can imagine. One of the byproducts of His great vision is that people who get on board will become great men and women of God, filled with His Spirit and able to carry out His will.  

Our new series called “Strong” begins Sunday, August 6th. Make sure you are there to hear the first message called “Strong Vision”.
Forgiveness is Life! It is life for the forgiver and life for the forgiven! Forgiveness brings light and life into the darkest situations. God has given us life through forgiveness. Galatians 3 actually says that Jesus was made a curse for us so that we can receive the blessing of Abraham and the promise of the Holy Spirit. As I said last week, when we receive Jesus, we really do receive Jesus. It’s not just a religious idea, it’s the power of God himself working in us to move us forward, to mold us into the image of Christ, to introduce us to a plan so great that only God could have conceived it. The forgiveness God offers is life to us.

So if you struggle with guilt, depression, anger or anxiety resulting from your own sin, there is hope and a clear way forward for you! Jesus made a way for us and He intends for us to find it and take it so that His will, fueled by His love for us is accomplished. That makes me excited! I hope you are too. See you Sunday!
Can you think of anything more beautiful than forgiveness? A person who is guilty, set free by the selfless act of forgiveness. I think it must be God’s favorite story to tell, because He tells it over and over again from Genesis to Revelation. And Jesus himself displays the ultimate act of forgiveness on the cross as He forgives those who have crucified Him. They were engaged in the very act of sin against Him as He hung on the cross. They weren’t asking for forgiveness. They weren’t sorry for what they were doing. They were standing there, mocking Him, taunting Him and casting lots for His clothes.

Perspective is the key to being able to let go of the grudge, to let go of the anger and hatred.  I watched the movie “The Shack” this week after a friend recommended it. I read the book a couple of years ago and I even had an opportunity to meet the daughter of the author shortly after I read the book. The story is not a true story but was written by someone who had learned how to truly forgive. He has an incredible understanding of what it means for a person to forgive and to be forgiven. Check out the book or the movie. I recommend both.

This week we will look at forgiveness from another angle. Don’t miss it. It could be the missing piece that you need. I’ll see you Sunday, Huntsville Junior High School at 10:30 am!
Someone said adulthood is where dreams go to die. That may be true in many cases but I believe each of us has the potential to discover and live the dreams we were created and purposed for. The apostle Paul said in Philippians 3 he had not yet attained the goal he was apprehended for. Do you know that God saves us with a purpose in mind? God has made plans for us and placed desires in each one of us to fulfill those plans. I believe if we could really know what our own deepest desires are, they would be exactly what God has planned for us. Making the connection is the key. The way we make that connection is no secret. Jesus, who suffered and died in order to connect us with Him, will also connect us with our destiny.

The journey begins now! Our destiny is out ahead of us! If we are to find it, we must move. Let’s begin to move together this week at The Net as we see that our dreams really can come true. Don’t miss it. It could be the connection point to your dreams!
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